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Voice2Phone Announces Enterprise Edition of Auto Dialer Software

March 09, 2011
By Anil Sharma - Telemarketing Software Contributor

Voice2Phone,, a communications software developer known for its popular Auto Dialer Standard and professional software packages, has announced enterprise edition of Auto Dialer software.

Officials of Voice2Phone said that the new edition of Auto Dialer software will enable users to automate the broadcasting of voice messages by phone.

The Auto Dialer software is an economical and easy-to-use tool for use with promotional campaigns, appointment reminders, catalog sales, phone notifications, telemarketing campaign, emergency notifications and other endeavors that can benefit from mass calling capability.

Voice2Phone Auto Dialer can make multiple calls simultaneously and take over the many duties of a large call center.

The company's new phone notification software has three unique features. The first, a “graphic designer” for voice messages, helps users create complex voice messages such as multi-step automated telephone surveys.

Company officials said that the second highlight of the new Auto Dialer software is an integration API for developers. The Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Enterprise Edition is unique for its simplified integration with external systems.

Voice2Phone Auto Dialer Enterprise Edition's third hallmark is its personalized voice message feature. Both the Professional and Enterprise Editions feature text-to-speech, but only Voice2Phone's Auto Dialer Enterprise edition links this technology to personalized voice.

TMCnet January reported that Voice2Phone has introduced Auto Dialer tool.

Officials with Voice2Phone said that the product automates the process of broadcasting voice message by phone making it much easier to perform phone surveys, send voice notifications or reminders to clients.

Auto Dialer is automatic phone broadcasting software working both via VoIP service providers and through hardwarePBX systems, or via software PBX including Asterisk (News - Alert).

The program takes a list of phone numbers and dials all of them simultaneously (or one by one, depending on the VoIP provider) playing the pre-recorded message to the line and recording an answer if needed.

Company officials said that due to flexible configuration, Auto Dialer detects and accurately handles answering machines and voicemail boxes. It stays on line and waits until the respondent will be ready to receive the voice message. It is also capable of recording the voice answer and the keys pressed on the phone, which is indispensable in phone surveys.

Voice2Phone officials pointed out that what distinguishes the product from alternatives is its Wizard-like interface. Following the steps of the configuration Wizard, a user easily sets up VoIP providers settings, records an audio message to be replayed to the line, and imports a list of phone numbers. The entire configuration process lasts literally 2-3 minutes.

Anil Sharma is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

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