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The Right Telemarketing Software Provides the Right Tools to Satisfy Customers

May 06, 2011
By Rich Steeves - Telemarketing Software Managing Editor

A telemarketing startup business could seem to have everything in the world going for it: an innovative product that fills a specific niche, a creative and engaging marketing campaign and a call center staffed with workers anxious to sell, sell, sell. But without the right call center software, this telemarketing business could go from ‘startup’ to ‘has been’ faster than you can say ‘How may I help you?’

The right telemarketing software can enable a company’s workforce to be more strategic, efficient and skilled in customer service. After all, recent studies show that 83 percent of customers prefer to contact a company via phone rather than email or chat.

One feature of good telemarketing software is the “screen pop”. This is a feature that gives call center operators instant access to customer information such as call and order history, customer satisfaction numbers and prior call times. This data can help agents customize their approach to returning customers and keep them satisfied and coming back for more.

Good software can also help collect and integrate sales data. This can allow managers to easily analyze information on upselling, cross-selling and per-call revenue, which can be helpful when training team members. Customized reports can also help managers make decisions on ordering, staffing and a numer of other issues.

The right software package can help with efficiency as well. Each call center agent will have different skill sets and abilities, and having a program that can route calls to different agents depending on their own expertise can help the customer reach the agent who is most suited to take the call. This will result in more satisfied customers, and more return customers.

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