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Birst to Optimize Internap's Allocation of Telemarketing Software Resources

July 07, 2011
By Anil Sharma - Telemarketing Software Contributor

Birst, a provider of software-as-a-service solutions for business intelligence (SaaS (News - Alert) BI) and SaaS analytics, is providing reporting and analysis for Internap to optimize the allocation of its marketing and sales resources and create a shared foundation for employee decision making.

A provider of intelligent IT Infrastructure services, Internap was looking to transition from a more time-consuming, Excel-based reporting process.

After a competitive evaluation process, Internap (News - Alert) selected Birst due to its affordability, ease-of-use, and knowledgeable and responsive sales and support staff -- and because it can be quickly implemented without extensive customization.

Officials with Birst said that Internap recently deployed Birst to executives, product managers, and market managers who are focused on steering the business and pursuing customer opportunities.

The company is importing data from into Birst to analyze a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs), such as marketing campaign performance, sales funnel size, and opportunity conversion rates. Internap will leverage this information for targeting of sales and marketing activities, including product launches and lead generation campaigns.

"Data is useless if you don't have a way to consistently and effectively analyze it," said Nelson Santini, vice president of sales operations at Internap, in a statement.

Santini said that with Birst, the company will be able to quickly turn raw data into valuable, actionable information that can positively impact the business.

“Additionally, it will allow our employees to more easily work together and make informed decisions based on fact, instead of opinion," he said.

Brad Peters, CEO of Birst said that a top-quality BI solution has to deliver a wide breadth of functionality that's easy to use and quick to deploy.

"To provide all of this, Birst combines low-risk, easy-to-implement SaaS technology with enterprise-class capabilities, superior usability, and expert customer support," said Peters.

Anil Sharma is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Juliana Kenny