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Moxie's Bolduc: Advertising to become More Like CRM? Of Course

September 23, 2011
By David Sims - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Industry insider Darryl Bolduc asks the good question: Why is advertising becoming more like customer relationship management still such a foreign concept?

“We see it at Moxie, and we see it across client work,” says Bolduc,  vice president, client partner Client Partner for CRM and direct response at Moxie, a digital-based ad agency, noting that “e-mail marketers have known of this potential for years, they've taken the lead from CRM systems, lists and strategies that drive loyalty, retention and reengagement.”

Maybe that’s why, as Bolduc observes, e-mail media is “seeing a resurgence as budgets rebound, while digital media is benefiting from traditional marketers familiar with these data intensive environments.”

As Bolduc explains, online displays are using more behavioral and transactional advertising strategies: “We've got an amazing story being built for some of our most technically and digitally aware clients -- a CRM discipline, specifically micro targeting and dynamic segmentation, is being applied through online display.”

He calls this “a big change in the way online display operates, adding to complexities that already make online display tedious, like sizes, tagging and inventory management.”

“Tedious” being the nice word for that, of course. This is a family publication.

If you want proof for what Bolduc’s saying, then as he suggests, try talking about online behavioral advertising “without a reference to its similarity to how CRM systems have had to comply with do-not-solicit or CAN-SPAM compliance requests.” That’s why it’s “a place where CRM and e-mail marketers are comfortable,” he says, since they have relied on list scrub services and opt-out processes “as a necessity of existence for years.”

The bottom line, as Bolduc judges, is that this is all good news for the direct marketing community -- “right behind online display is site-side advertising, mobile browsing and app adoption; tablet use is changing an already complicated mobile environment.”

In July TMC (News - Alert) had the news that Moxie, a division of ZenithOptimedia and part of Publicis Groupe, announced that Scott Neslund would be taking over the top position at the agency upon the resignation of Joel Lunenfeld, founding member and CEO, effective August 15.

Scott Neslund, a seasoned leader with an impressive background in growth and management of agencies in North America was hired earlier this year and will now be leading the agency in the US.

David Sims is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of David’s articles, please visit his columnist page. He also blogs for TMCnet here.

Edited by Juliana Kenny