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Effective Telemarketing Software Keeps a Sales Team Running Smoothly

January 20, 2012
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Companies often do not have a defined sales strategy where benchmarks are clearly established, despite the value this process can deliver. This oversight creates a number of challenges business owners can face in terms of customer relationship management (CRM) and maintaining an effective sales team. 

According to Mike Brooks, a self-proclaimed expert on inside sales, coaching as a sales manager can become more effective with a solid telemarketing software program. When sales managers provide representatives with the best tools for success, they can eliminate poor progress through the pipeline. Providing access to telemarketing software can help close deals.

Brooks participated in a recent MRI Inside Sales webinar, sharing his insight into industry best practices. He stressed that by integrating the best telemarketing software, business owners are helping their sales staff become better prepared and more effective. 

Nearly 80 percent of the problems within a standard sales training program are common, according to Brooks. A solid telemarketing software solution can help struggling sales teams in the front end by eliminating weak leads and ensuring reps focus only on activities that can generate revenue. 

For instance, unseasoned sales managers can waste a lot of time on demos and presentations when interacting with poor prospects. This wastes resources and money, while also killing morale around the office. Business owners, said Brooks, should really take the time to monitor and track the top 20 percent of their sales force to fully understand their impact. Fortunately, most telemarketing software solutions offer this capability for reporting and tracking sales calls. During the monitoring process, it will be obvious which sales reps are incapable of handling the standard objection calls. 

A quality telemarketing software program that includes training and scripts can empower struggling reps, increasing productivity. To create a highly motivated and productive sales team, a business owner must first identify and quantify their defined sales process. They must have structure or best practice approaches that the sales team follows throughout the sales process to help them reach their benchmarks. At that point, the manager or business owner can develop a training program specific to their defined sales process. 

A proven training program will give the sales team the tools and scripts to be successful during each part of the sales process. The next step, according to Brooks, includes coaching the sales team and making sure they are using those practices. “That’s the real job of management,” he added.If everyone is aware of the benchmarks and understands each stage of prospect management, the telemarketing software is doing its job. It takes all the ambiguity out of the sales process, providing clear and achievable goals. 

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