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PrismaStar and SLI Systems Team Up to Produce Better Onsite Searches

March 08, 2012
By Jacqueline Lee - Contributing Writer

PrimaStar and SLI Systems are collaborating to improve onsite search results for e-commerce customers. Their efforts should help to both improve customer conversion and create a better site search experience for site visitors.

“Our main focus is to help our customers increase their conversion rates by providing a better site search experience for their visitors, and by delivering the type of full-service they need to get maximum performance from our solution,” said Jeff Neish, director of business development for SLI Systems. “PrismaStar’s complementary technology and data services will further optimize SLI Systems’ powerful site search solution.”

With PrismaStar and SLI Systems combined efforts, e-commerce sites will be both faster and easier to search, and customers will have the content that they need to facilitate purchasing decisions. “Given SLI Systems’ position as the retail industry’s leading SaaS-based site search provider, we couldn’t be more proud to partner with an established best-of-breed search and navigation provider,” said Jonathan Horden, COO and European MD of PrismaStar. “Together our proposition will add significant value to existing customers and deliver huge benefits to new customers through 2012 and beyond.”

The PrismaStar/SLI collaboration comes at a time when online spending in the U.K. has increased 16 percent over levels recorded just one year ago. In addition, the IT investment from the U.K.’s top retailers grew from 17 percent of budget in 2010 to 23 percent of budget in 2011. With more and more retailers investing in improvements to their e-commerce sites, PrismaStar and SLI’s partnership seeks to capitalize on existing market trends.

PrismaStar representatives will be touring the U.S. along with some of the other top technology companies from the U.K. in an effort to raise private capital. The trip, called WebMission 2011, will take company representatives to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Companies who attended the previous WebMissions have raised over $60 million in private capital to date. SLI Systems has recently partnered with retailers like Boden to deploy their onsite site solutions to multiple e-commerce sites supporting multiple customer languages.

Edited by Juliana Kenny