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SaaS Telemarketing Software Optimizes Fundraising for the Nonprofit

March 28, 2012
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

When you think of telemarketing software, do you automatically think of the nonprofit? Some may today as telemarketing has taken on a whole new strategy to focus on the business at hand while also adhering to the new rules and regulations governing the industry. 

Fortunately, for those organizations seeking to identify donors and secure funding, telemarketing software solutions today are less expensive, do more and are available without a contract. 

According to this VanillaSoft blog, this shift in the industry occurred when software companies became successful and started offering their expanded and impressive features on multimillion dollar platforms at a manageable monthly fee. As a result, nonprofits without options from these providers in the past suddenly had access to great telemarketing software available through SaaS (News - Alert) deployments

Today, nonprofits can access the same, best-in-class performance in telemarketing software and other solutions that at one time was only available to the companies with the biggest wallets. Now, the same programs are customizable so the nonprofit can select the features they want to fit their unique environments.

 At the same time, they can pick up those best-in-class features that are well documented drivers for success. It takes more than the availability of best-in-class telemarketing software for the nonprofit to discover success and productivity, however. These organizations also have to understand there is a world operating beyond their traditional platforms. This demands the adoption of new technologies to drive the successful sales organization within the unique environment of the fundraising organization. 

The clear drivers to build success for the nonprofit beyond optimizing telemarketing software include a focus on donor-centric software. The focus has to be on the acquisition and renewal of the donor. If the software doesn’t help get more donors and keep the donors already giving, it’s not worth consideration. It’s also critical to implement progressive phone dialing and next-best donor logic. 

The former can increase donor rates by as much as 20 to 40 percent compared with manual dialing, while the latter makes use of the organization’s knowledge and historical donor data.  Next-best donor logic ensures the highest value donors are pushed out first and guarantees each record is given the greatest opportunity for conversion. On-board messaging keeps the mission, vision and ask clearly visible to the fundraiser so that all telemarketing software efforts are optimized. 

The integrated e-mail option allows the nonprofit to send instant e-mails with a click through to a portal where the gift can be entered and credit card information can be taken on the fly. The performance dashboard within the telemarketing software provides the campaign manager real-time access to what is happening at any given moment, and the intelligent call recording marries the contact record with the recorded call to optimize quality assurance methods. 

Continued growth, donations and success are a key focus for any nonprofit. With powerful tools like telemarketing software with Best-in-Class features, that success may only be a phone call away.

Edited by Juliana Kenny