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Telemarketing Software Can Improve Inbound and Outbound Call Centers

April 10, 2012
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

As call centers turn to new technology and upgrade telemarketing software, they need to truly evaluate their current competitive position. An enterprise should clearly understand the difference between an inbound call center that is only field calls and an outbound call center that focuses on selling products, surveying, prospecting and setting appointments. 

Depending on which business they are, call centers can then select the appropriate telemarketing software they need to be successful. For the outbound call center, focused on selling, needs to choose a telemarketing software platform that can easily up the activity of agents and give them optimal functionality, according to this VanillaSoft blog

Inbound call centers might want to rely on the traditional approach that includes call center software with IVR bells and whistles. However, an interesting factor is that many call centers are a blend of both worlds. Many are responsible for returning calls from both customers and prospects, while also taking the calls that come into the center.

Telemarketing software will allow a blend of these different worlds so agents can focus on inbound calls while also selling. If the goal of the enterprise is more selling, focused research should be conducted on available options. 

It’s important for decision-makers to find out if the telemarketing software allows for a certain amount of contacts per hour or improved lead routing, tracking and real-time data on an internal dashboard. All of these factors are important when selecting telemarketing software, especially if sales is an important objective.In today’s world, companies have the ability to view a variety of excellent platforms that are deliverable from a cloud-based solution and at a cost that is very affordable. 

Features offered in typical telemarketing software solutions include: next-best call routing, auto dialing and an on-board integrated e-mail.Next-best call routing takes advantage of the organization’s business intelligence. By collecting the information on all calls attempted to compare against individual agent calls attempted, management is able to determine whether or not a sale can be made on a call using a call-basis only report. 

The goal behind this call routing technology is to only route calls that could have a more positive sales resolution.Auto dialing, or progressive dialing, is another way to increase productivity for agents. Instead of sitting around and waiting for an agent to find another prospect, progressive dialing takes care of business. Another time saver is the on-board integrated e-mail. Internal sales teams can quickly communicate with one another via e-mail about prospects, customers and other work details. This built-in telemarketing software tool reduces agent workload and efficiency.

These three simple telemarketing software features can easily bring close to 30 percent of additional opportunities to any call center. They work because they help recapture lost minutes during sales calls and assist agents with more fluid work environments and communication tools.

Edited by Juliana Kenny