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SalesQuest Launches New Sales Intelligence Program

May 08, 2012
By Monica Gleberman - Contributing Writer

SalesQuest launched CRUSHarmy a free service that allows sales representatives access to a database to help search for contacts and potential leads.

SalesQuest is one of the fastest growing sales intelligence companies and has helped businesses with software and IT services. The company said it “deliver[s] the most accurate and up-to-date deep-dive company profiles, which contain technology landscapes, strategies, business initiatives, active IT projects, budgets, decision maker contact info, and organization charts.” The company, which developed CRUSHarmy, said once a user registers they will have assess to a database with more than one million contacts, two million sales leads, and over 12,000 company profiles.

The company put out an educational video saying that this new service will offer: full contact details including phone numbers and emails in the database, data center initiatives, call center solutions, CRM platform, and cloud computing initiatives. The company claims to have more than 2,000 of the hottest companies in the database. All users are allowed to download and export contacts for further usage or to build personal database.

CRUSHarmy said it’s, “adding 10,000’s of new sales leads, new contacts, and new companies every week,” and said users can sign up to receive free daily sales triggers via email on specific categories of their choosing.

“We’re excited to launch CRUSHarmy with the goal of giving high tech sales reps access to free contact info, company profiles, and sales intelligence. Basically, we’re giving sales reps the 3 critical things they need to prospect successfully; the contact, the company, and the sales trigger,” said Mimi Evans, CEO at SalesQuest.

“In addition, we’re looking to create some disruption in the marketplace by giving away sales intelligence that’s typically paid for. In the next release of CRUSHarmy, registered users will have the ability to buy, sell, trade and exchange sales leads and insider account knowledge.”

Registration is now open for the new service.

Edited by Juliana Kenny