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Telemarketing Software: Mistaken Identity Case in Ohio

May 17, 2012
By Jacqueline Lee - Contributing Writer

If you are a call center agent working for CTI Group in Indiana right now, then you are probably feeling very frustrated.

“They say, 'they just keep calling me and calling,’” said Melody Whitlow, executive assistant for Indiana’s CTI (News - Alert) Group. "I keep saying, ‘I promise it's not us.’”

A company called CTI Group, LLC, which is actually out of California, has been accused of violating both Ohio state and federal telemarketing laws when it called Ohio citizens and tried to convince them to buy stock trading software. Ohio attorney general Mike DeWine accuses CTI Group (News - Alert), LLC, of misleading Ohioans about how much they could make with the company’s robot trading software.

CTI Group, LLC, violated a number of Ohio laws on its way to the courtroom. For instance, representatives called Ohioans who were on the National Do Not Call Registry. Even more seriously, the company allegedly billed people’s bank accounts and credit cards without obtaining written authorization.

Supposedly, the company offered a money-back guarantee on its software if residents did not make the amount of money that they were promised. However, the company told customers that they couldn’t get their money back for a year. When a year passed, customers still found themselves without reimbursement.

The attorney general’s office sent letters to CTI Group, LLC, in November and December ordering the company to register in Ohio as a telemarketer. The company did not comply with the attorney general’s request.

CTI Group, LLC, currently has an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau. The company has had 37 complaints filed against it. Two of the complaints were severe, and two of the complaints were never resolved. The BBB also points out that the company is not licensed with the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission or the US Futures Exchange.

Unfortunately, many customers are taking their anger out on Indiana-based CTI Group.

The CTI Group from Indiana provides fixed, mobile and converged communications solutions. This CTI Group also provides call recording solutions for increased access to customer and competitor intelligence. For Q1 2012, the company reported a $2 million increase over the prior year’s earnings.

Indiana’s CTI Group has no involvement in trading or in commodities. If you have been a victim of CTI Group, LLC, then read more about the attorney general’s lawsuit here. They can also register a complaint by calling 800-282-0515.

Edited by Juliana Kenny