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Telemarketing Software Key to Turning 'No' Calls into Sales

May 23, 2012
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

It may not be a sale but 'no' in a call center environment can easily equate to profitability. Knowing just as much about companies that don't buy your products during a sales call is just as important as the ones that do. Collecting this data with an effective telemarketing software can deliver optimal results. 

According to this VanillaSoft blog, using a lead management platform in real-time is much better than not collecting information at all. If there isn't a telemarketing software solution in place, information is most likely lost.

Telemarketing software is easy to use, easy to implement and priced for affordability. Agents can collect information quickly and easily, recording it with the click of a button. If anything, call centers can collect more crucial data in a non-sales call. 

Agents can obtain pricing objections, competition information as well as contract expirations. The list is endless of the potential for gaining inside information to help seal the deal the next time around.

Companies gain business intelligence with telemarketing software in real-time. In the call center environment, agents are always looking for that next list of cold calls. Why not make them a list of companies that previously turned down an offer? This time around, they’ll be better equipped to know what to say and do to make the sale. 

Even if you don't get information on every 'no' call, there is still enough information to create your own prospect list. Knowing the market and what customers are looking for makes it easier to come in with the best scenario when approaching a tough sell

Call centers that use telemarketing software have the right idea to collect enough information and deploy it at a level that makes sense for finding success in the future.It is a rather simple process of establishing a system using telemarketing software to collect data, little by little and follow through. If you have all the pieces of the puzzle in front of you with a clear outline of how to complete it, then there's no reason to not finish it.

 It seems pointless to continue to crank out the sales effort without a telemarketing software solution to truly optimize results. Making call after call and only relying on complete sales seems like a waste of time if nothing comes out of it. Agents should use these calls as opportunities to gain real insight into their markets which, in turn, would amp up sales.

Edited by Juliana Kenny