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Telemarketing Software Enhances the Traditional Cold Calling Solution

July 10, 2012
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Hundreds of companies rely heavily on different telemarketing software solutions to generate sales leads. E-mail is a great way to reach out to potential customers, but it’s not always the most effective method. So while everyone else is trying to discover the latest telemarketing software tips, others should take hold of a traditional theory: cold calling. 

Yes, cold calling can work, according to this Inc post. It's just about know how to do it and do it correctly. Being innovative means doing something differently. If you think about it, not too many people remember the last time they received a cold call or even made one. 

The best part is the immediate results companies get with cold calling. There may not need to be a fancy telemarketing software solution but just good, old-fashioned cold calling. The key to cold calling is to have a conversation with your potential customer. 

Don't read word for word the fancy script in front of you. Like any good actor knows, lines are rehearsed and so should a cold calling script. The more natural it sounds the more likely the customer is to believe you.

The point of the call is to understand the customer. Begin by introducing yourself, ask them if it's a good time to be calling and take the time to listen to their responses. There is a lot to be learned from a customer’s answers, even if they are “no” or “not interested”. The best sales agents can quickly overcome these short responses with a professional and respectful tone to continue with the phone call.

A key component to a quality cold call is to explain the benefits and the point of the call as soon as there is an opening. Busy company executives don't want to be bothered with pesky telemarketing calls, but the trained salesman can break through this barrier if he or she quickly and respectfully provides the executive with a reason to stay on the line. 

But along with the script is part of a bigger picture: the telemarketing software. Without it agents won't be able to manage their sales calls or appointment setting. A successful cold call needs to be followed up with a solution that handles productivity and the proper distribution of sales leads for agents.

Agents and call centers rely on quality service from telemarketing software solutions with features like auto dialer functionality, VoIP, real-time call management dashboards, call recording as well as customizable options. For even more effective cold calling, why not add in do-not-call compliance enforcement, time zone call management offerings and templates for mail documents if necessary.

The point is to leverage the telemarketing software to its full capabilities so that each call adds value to the organization.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo