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Telemarketing as Customer Support: Not Nearly as Funny as it Sounds

August 15, 2012
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Telemarketing Software Writer

While telemarketing has found itself on the short end of the stick in recent years, frequently the butt of jokes or the target of ire, it's also not being used to its fullest potential. Admittedly, telemarketing has done its share to cause the ire - call center agents strained under answering repeated barrages of stupid questions, the automated attendant system that seems to go nowhere fast, or worse, the unusual accents. But, when used correctly it has the potential to seriously speed up troubling issues at the B2B level.

Telemarketing has a potential to serve as a rapid response system when email, ticket-based response systems, and direct mail are too slow for decision makers to handle. Additionally, telemarketing improves by being easier to use than the alternatives, and ease of use is of dire importance in terms of offering solutions to complex problems in business settings.

One example of how telemarketing can actually solve problems is in terms of business intelligences software. Business intelligence software is supposed to take data and compress it down into easily understood, visual presentations that allow decision makers to take disparate data chunks and yield a strategy or overarching approach from all that data. In the case of business intelligence software, however, it doesn't need to just be easy to use, it also needs to be easy to fix. Whether via operator error or software glitch, problems often emerge in the system that require addressing, and urgently. Being able to call in and get an immediate answer beats virtually every other kind of response method.

This is why having a properly managed and properly utilized telemarketing presence provides a lot more than just sales leads, but rather a means to customer support as well. Providing that extra channel allows for a way to promote customer retention; it's one thing to get a new customer in the door, but it's another thing entirely to keep them from walking out the door. In fact, once a customer walks out the door, it takes almost superhuman exertion to get them to come back.

So, while telemarketing may not be looked on in the best of lights, it also has great potential, especially when applied as part of a larger overall structure that encourages the best in customer service. Making this adjustment, and using telemarketing properly, helps ensure that it will be as well received as possible, and both encourage new customers to join the fold, as well as keeping old customers within it.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli