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New Telemarketing Solution ICTBroadcast Version 3.0 Released

August 24, 2012
By Anil Sharma - Telemarketing Software Contributor

ICT Innovations has recently launched ICTBroadcast Version 3.0, touted as mature and professional telemarketing software that powers SMS messaging , fax blasting, voice broadcasting, interactive voice broadcasting and e-mail marketing,

This offering is a completely Web-based, multi-tenant unified communications platform that can be leveraged by telemarketers to improve efficiency dramatically. In fact, ICTBroadcast Version 3.0 comes with lots of enhancements including an improved and more informative dashboard and a much better IVR designer, which now has five more applications. The custom IVR can be designed with ease and comes with an array of new applications that can speak custom values of the alphabet, numbers, digits, the date and the time.

Additionally, the telemarketing software now boasts built-in support for load balancing. ICTBroadcast has been integrated with RabbitMQ which enables ICTBroadcast to scale and connect with multiple Asterisk (News - Alert) servers without any hassle, thus ICTBroadcast Version 3.0 make it feasible to run single broadcasting campaigns across multiple nodes and blast thousands of concurrent calls simultenously.

Morever, ICTBroadcast 3.0 encompasses e-mail campaigns that allow a message to be sent via multiple channels such as voice, SMS, fax and e-mail, which eliminates the need to utilize a separate platform for every e-mail campaign. Everything is nicely bundled into a single software package. These survey campaigns support open-ended questions as well as choice-based questions.

Over and above these robust capabilities, advanced campaign management allows users to control the channel limits of the running campaign via this telemarketing software. Also, system wise configuration manages the behavior of the overall ICTBroadcast system, allowing users to configure campaigns, forms, and servers in a very short period of time.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein