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Telemarketing Software: The Essential Human Touch Customers are Demanding

August 28, 2012
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

Although some people might conjure up memories of receiving annoying calls just as they sit down at the dinner table when they hear the term “telemarketing,” telemarketing software is actually vital in driving the adoption of new technology solutions. Looking specifically at outbound marketing, this software can seamlessly integrate e-mail, websites, and social media.

 Recently, those behind the widely popular Siri application from Apple (News - Alert), you know the one that has acclaimed film director Martin Scorsese in the commercial, unveiled a new voice application that will work alongside customer service call centers to help consumers overcome problems or answer an array of questions.

Called “Nina”, this innovative app boasts striking similarities to telemarketing software in that it drives a call center’s staff productivity by allowing for an important message to be delivered to individuals without delay as well as powers call routing in order to send parties to the correct destination the first time around.

“The software can also check balances, transfer money, and troubleshoot problems, among other tasks,” according to an article featured on the Business 2 Community website.

Sometimes however, issues simply cannot be resolved without a human being to assist, and Nina is prepared for that as the telemarketing software incorporated directly into the nifty solution will dial a agent and even provide the company with the information needed to speed up the process of helping the customer with whatever they are having trouble with.  

“People will ask their phone different things than they would a representative on the phone,” added Robert Gary, general manager of Nuance’s (News - Alert) Mobile Care Unit. “Knowing what people ask Nina will help them determine what should be automated and what shouldn’t.’”

This next-generation technology will no doubt raise the bar on customer satisfaction as it has the ability to offer businesses important feedback that they can then use to streamline processes in the future. And let’s be honest, if telemarketing software doesn’t make our stress filled lives less frustrating, will it prove to be successful in the long run? The answer to that question is a big fat no.

In conclusion “Knowing what and what not to automate is just the beginning. It can also tell you what B2B market wants your telemarketing software to handle and produce. This can direct the whole of your next campaign to generate software leads,” the piece revealed.

As the telemarketing software space continues to expand, many companies are diving head first into this space with VanillaSoft continuing to lead the pack. In fact, just last month the company revealed that businesses that have already implemented VanillaSoft’s CRM-Lead Management Platform will soon be able to sync their VanillaSoft calendars with their Google (News - Alert) Calendars.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo