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Telemarketing Software Critical to Seamless Operations

September 17, 2012
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

There’s a common misconception that third party telemarketing services are less expensive, but this isn’t always the case. With a little finagling, outsourcing can be used to help uncover weaknesses in current telemarketing software that could lead to big problems. At first glance, it’s easy to see why identifying telemarketing software glitches initially go unnoticed – the humdrum of these types of tasks put people off from giving them more attention. 

Not long ago, reported a story regarding the epic failure of telemarketing software that left United Airlines operations in mayhem. When its customer service backbone SHARES experienced a network outage on August 28, passengers had trouble with booking reservations, securing tickets, checking-in, and boarding aircrafts. These problems resulted in huge delays that left the company’s IT department wondering what went wrong, according to this Business2Community report

This example underscores the importance of the underlying telemarketing software and how companies cannot afford to take its value in daily operations for granted. One little mishap can lead to widespread pandemonium, similar to a domino effect. Issues usually aren’t localized and defects can cause multiple systems to shut down. In the case of United, the software issue impacted many areas of operations including website services and computers at the airport.

United apologized, did its best to accommodate customers, and issued a statement that the system outage did not impact aircraft safety. However, any acts of contrition couldn’t stop the development of negative sentiments, long lines from forming at its airports, and its stock price from plummeting.

Proactive efforts might have been able to leverage telemarketing to highlight issues such as this and advise of any concerns in the future. Outsourced telemarketing software can be used to identify issues to avert reverberation in any dependent business processes. Some of the ways it can help include identifying problems, communicating the impact of those problems, and follow-up.

Sometimes a problem looks bigger than it is in the call center environment. Telemarketing agents can help identify the propensity of their prospect’s situation by asking the right questions. Reps are skilled at manipulating conversations to get to the heart of the matter to drive efficiency and hit productivity benchmarks.

If a problem is identified, agents can help get the prospect’s attention and spur action. While the prospect may deem a problem less significant than others, agents can direct the conversation to highlight why it may warrant further consideration. 

Finally, telemarketing agents can help ensure follow-up by placing well timed calls. Leaving calling cards can also serve as a conversation starter in the event that a connection isn’t made immediately.

The value of telemarketing software lies in identifying problem areas that often go unnoticed. By focusing on telemarketing software issues that may not be given as much attention, agents can help uncover hidden needs and prevent critical mishaps.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein