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Telemarketing Software Can Help with Problem Solving

October 01, 2012
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Getting in front of your targeted audience can be challenging. Using external sources that specialize in this area can help, but outsourcing telemarketing software services can be expensive. However, a proper search will reveal that there are cost-effective solutions out there that have proven track records of delivering quality results when it comes to telemarketing success.

According to this Business2Community report, telemarketing software can serve a number of vital roles within an organization from lead generation, appointment setting, customer relationship management (CRM), problem identification, and general business functioning. You’ll realize just how important these behind-the-scenes functions are in a crisis or when something goes awry. When telemarketing software doesn’t perform as promised, it can cause every aspect of the business to come to a screeching halt. 

But if utilized properly, that same telemarketing software can actually be used to combat and prevent the sort of meltdowns that can occur when systems aren’t up to par or don’t work as expected. In fact, telemarketing software can be used strategically by agents in a number of creative ways. 

First, it’s a good tool to identify potential problems. Depending on the particular situation, the prospect may assign a problem higher or lower on the priority list than an agent. And while not everything an agent deems to be business critical, is – that’s where asking the right questions can make a difference. By asking questions, agents can uncover what their prospects deem as a ‘priority’ and can get a better idea of what their situation is.

That opens the door to another benefit of properly utilizing telemarketing software: it can help agents highlight a seemingly small problem that could quickly snowball out of control. Calling attention to the problem at the right time may give the prospect reason to reconsider their priority list if they can see the potential impact the problem might have on operations. 

A final advantage of using telemarketing is the ability to secure a follow-up for an issue that is to be addressed at a later date. As a courtesy, agents can send an e-mail with the pertinent information or can even drop off a calling card of sorts. This can pave the way for future contact.

Identifying potential sales leads starts with uncovering a need or problem. Sometimes seemingly insignificant issues get ignored because their impact on the business has not been called out, so they appear to be lower priority. Leveraging telemarketing software can help shed light on these problems before they get out of hand and can ensure that they get the attention they deserve.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein