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The Role of Telemarketing Software in Alerting Cyber Threats

October 08, 2012
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Spotting security breaches doesn’t always have to be the job of the IT department. In fact, many providers of telemarketing software routinely maintain some sort of role in software security, as is the case with payroll or CRM (customer relationship management). When it comes to dealing with confidential business information such as employee’s social security numbers and customer’s credit card details, anyone who touches the information should keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

Telemarketing groups can be especially helpful in this process because they have regular interactions with the end users. While the end users may not know exactly what is going on, they know when the telemarketing software isn’t working as it should. Certainly telemarketers are not skilled at treating or correcting serious cyber threats, but by engaging with the end users they play an integral role in helping to assess potential problems as they present themselves.

Staying vigilant and taking a proactive approach to these sorts of issues can help keep them from snowballing out of control. After all, even IT security professionals try to address impending problems in telemarketing software on their own before they reach the attention of the authorities or federal investigators. 

This article in Business2Community recently cited information in Forbes magazine that speaks to this end, essentially underscoring the importance of companies using telemarketing software to watch out for dangers themselves. 

The author advises that new tools are available that gather intelligence, alert system administrators of potential threats, and provide the means to thwart such efforts. It is even possible for companies to use telemarketing software technology to beat criminals at their own game by hacking into cyber crime forums and stealing information that might be used against them later.Some of the ways that businesses can solicit user feedback to combat cyber attacks include:

1. Conducting a phone survey

2. Utilizing a customer contact center

3. Spreading the word via advisory

Turn a lead generation situation into an opportunity to fish for problems users might have encountered with telemarketing software. By asking the right questions via a short phone survey, telemarketers can gain insight into potential threats.

Implementing a customer contact center can also help. Who has time to sit around and wait for delayed e-mail responses regarding possible threats when important decisions need to be made? Telemarketers who uncover prospective breaches can help ensure that any issues get timely attention. By providing a direct number and live person to respond to calls, they aid decision makers in executing a quick and appropriate response

.Finally, in the instance where agents have spotted a potential threat, the phone can be used to disseminate that information and get the word out. The human touch cannot be underestimated when it comes to sharing important security information. And, by engaging with users, telemarketers can watch for warning signs and place alerts when something doesn’t seem right.

Edited by Jamie Epstein