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Sytel Adds Predictive Dialer to SAP Telemarketing Software

October 24, 2012
By Rajani Baburajan - Telemarketing Software Contributor

A predictive dialer is a key element in telemarketing software. It can automatically dial groups of telephone numbers and then passes the live calls to available agents, thus reducing the idle time spent between calls.

To enhance the capabilities of telemarketing software, Sytel (News - Alert) is offering its predictive dialing software as part of the SAP Business Communications Management software, version 7.  

SAP Business Communications Management is an all-IP contact center suite designed for inbound and outbound customer communications. The solution helps call centers run successful telemarketing and sales programs as well as improves the customer experience.

The SAP (News - Alert) Business Communications Management System Configurator drives outbound campaign settings such as call abandonment rate and dialing mode. Sytel’s predictive dialer component complements the telemarketing software’s outbound management tools, assisting these call centers in driving efficiency within their telemarketing campaigns.

 “We are delighted at this major step forward with SAP,” commented Michael McKinlay, CEO of Sytel, in a statement. “We look forward to serving their many customers around the world who want the best in predictive dialing, whilst eliminating silent calls.”

“The predictive gain we offer is second to none and means that payback in a SAP outbound solution can be measured in weeks and months, rather than months and years,” McKinlay added.

Telemarketing software is crucial in customer centric organizations. A recent report from SiriusDecisions finds that sales affiliates typically only follow up with 20 percent of all leads, and there is almost never that extra step completed of taking the time to see if that lead will actually lead to a subsequent deal.

Companies like VanillaSoft offer telemarketing software that includes call recording, real-time call management dashboard, team-based telemarketing call scripts, customizable reporting, dynamic call routing, do-not-call compliance, time zone call management, immediate Web importing of online leads, pre-configured mail merge documents and e-mail templates.

Edited by Jamie Epstein