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Turn Leads into Sales with VanillaSoft's Telemarketing Software

November 07, 2012
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

Although getting, storing, managing and continuously updating lead databases are key to enticing new business prospects, without the ability to transition these leads into direct sales, it is unlikely a business will continue to remain in any market for the long term. No one knows this sentiment to be truer than VanillaSoft, a telemarketing software provider that does everything in its power to “keep your leads in motion until it reaches a final destination.”

The company’s website further added, “With our automated routing, leads cannot be lost or ignored. VanillaSoft will track and report on the status of the lead. Each and every time a lead is worked, VanillaSoft will record who worked it, the results and exactly when. With dynamic Web reporting, all leads can be grouped and reported on by a host of fields such as; source, date, user, and results. There has never been an easier system that is so complete.”

 Simple to use and cost-effective, what could be better? How about the platform’s real-time management dashboard that keeps everyone in the know and on the same page? Requiring only a Web browser to get up and running, this extremely robust solution can be accessed from anywhere no matter the time, and powers key calling and campaign information alike in order to ramp up efficiency amongst telemarketing workforces.

 The best part by far though is that is can be fully customized and is touted as being very scalable, enabling companies across the globe to run their telemarketing venture according to their individual needs. Further, as this suite is SaaS (News - Alert)-based, users can continue to benefit from newly added capabilities instantly.

Keeping the goal in mind of always enhancing its portfolio, VanilaSoft recently became a Silver sponsor of the Inside Sales Expo 2012 conference in San Francisco, which just took place on Monday, November 5. Sponsored by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), the telemarketing software provider is also now a member of the AA-ISP.

"As a lead management software provider to the Inside Sales community, VanillaSoft is pleased to be a sponsor of Inside Sales Expo 2012,” commented Kevin Thornton, executive vice president of Sales & Marketing with VanillaSoft. “Rapidly improving communication technology and shrinking travel budgets mean many organizations are shifting more activities to inside sales teams.”

Edited by Allison Boccamazzo