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Things You Need to Know to Ramp Up the Successfulness of Telemarketing Software Campaigns

November 27, 2012
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

Sometimes the telemarketing software space gets a bad rap when marketers don’t use this solution in the way in which it was intended. This article will outline important factors to be mindful of when launching campaigns that have been designed to promote an array of products and services.

1.       Fully comprehend the space you are in

If you don’t understand what you are attempting to sell, how you can promote it effectively to someone who has no idea what you are talking about? Larry Kaplan, president and CEO of Northbrook, commented, “Read industry journals like Teleprofessional, Telemarketing and Call Center and join professional networks to get a better understanding of marketing, management and technology-related issues and make contacts.”

2.       Learn the ins and outs about who you are competing against

In order to differentiate your company in the space, it is vital that you can easily name the reasons why a customer should work with you rather than another firm. This will also help to you improve in areas you may be lacking in and realize which areas you are continuing to excel in, whether it is sales or another division.

3.       Leverage technology to your advantage

Ken Krogue co-founder of (News - Alert) told, “Sales — especially inside sales — is becoming more like the movie Moneyball — successfully relying on statistics to track down the best leads.” There are an array of offerings currently on the market that can be targeted to a select audience in a very short period of time such as SMS text messages, auto dialers and predictive dialers. Use them as much as possible, but be sure to remain in line with rigorous mandates outlined within the vertical.

4.       Find good leads and interact with thought leaders

Optimize each phone call to its fullest potential, because hey if you aren’t you aren’t just wasting not only your own time but your company’s time as well.  “Also make sure to contact the decision makers of the company, organization or household you are trying to sell to,” a recent article stated.

5.       Team with an ideal telemarketing software provider like VanillaSoft

Outdated telemarketing software won’t do much in terms of delivering the right leads to the right people at the perfect times. Hence, it is key to ink a strategic alliance with a company like VanillaSoft, who is the mastermind behind a product that can simply track every lead from inception to close of sale, double your number of calls, offer higher conversion rates, eliminate dropped leads, drive visibility into all telemarketing actions and be up and running in hours.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli