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Telemarketing Software Provider Discusses What to Expect When Making Calls

December 11, 2012
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

Telemarketing software is an invaluable tool that many companies leverage to in order to expand their customer base while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction. VanillaSoft is one the biggest companies within this space and recently debuted a basic tutorial video that highlights exactly how its innovative and intuitive platform works.

In the video, the default screen is highlighted which is divided into several areas. The first area on the left hand side of the screen shows a contact’s personal information including their name, address, company and e-mail address. To the right of that, you will see a tab that displays system information such as who owns the lead and the contact’s local time. Below this area, the call script is located which is leveraged by agents making outbound calls. In certain situations, the script will encompass links that can be utilized to load new messaging that will be fully customized according to a lead’s response.

Looking at the phone information section, this is where the contact’s phone number or numbers lives. Below that are the other information fields which can again be personalized to whatever project you are working on at the time, offering more detailed information about the prospect. By default, all fields can be modified by clicking on them with the exception of the e-mail and call fields. Also, you can view the contact’s call history at the bottom of the screen which will enable you to quickly view when the lead was last contacted via the telemarketing software, who made the call, and what the results of the call were as well as any comments made by the previous dialer.

Further, the calling process is simple. When you log into VanillaSoft, the first available contact appears on your screen. With a dialing license in place, you can begin by clicking on the contact number which then dials the number automatically. Without a dialing license, you must dial the number manually, which can reduce efficiency. Once the call has been completed, it is vital to record and archive it. This can be done by either selecting one of the quick result codes from the result box or by clicking the result call link at the top of the screen to see all of recent results.

If you decide to schedule a call back or an appointment, you will be prompted to select from the calendar the day the lead needs to be contacted. Once the date is entered, you can set a specific time.

As you can see, with telemarketing software in place it is easy to draw in a wider target audience while also enabling your agents to be armed with the knowledge they need to succeed.

To watch the video in full, click here.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli