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Telemarketing Software Helps Drive Customer Loyalty

December 18, 2012
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

For many of us, telemarketing calls are the bane of society. We cringe if the phone rings in the middle of our evening meal and treat the individual on the other end of the line as though he or she was enemy number one. This trend leads more of us every day to add our names and numbers to a Do Not Call list and develop a taste of distain at the thought of telemarketing software. 

For those companies with which we already have a relationship, however, we expect the calls. We want our credit card provider to pick up the phone if they notice suspicious behavior; the call from our wireless carrier is welcomed if a lower rate is offered; and the insurance provider is more than invited to get on the line if a new plan is available that may suit my teenage driver. 

It is for the reasons stated above that telesales and telemarketing remain very effective strategies. With the right list and telemarketing software, a calling campaign can generate significant conversions and revenue increases. The key is to leverage telemarketing software to extend the value of the current customer base and reach as many ‘leads’ as possible among those that already buy your products or use your services. 

According to this Business2Community report, companies continue to rely on telemarketing software as an effective solution for busy professionals and small businesses. For a number of brands, word of mouth referrals help to secure new customers. The challenge is that word of mouth can only go so far. The right software, however, allows employees to leverage Web-hosted software that allows them to stay in touch with current customers, sharing those new offers and building the much sought after customer loyalty. 

Telemarketing software also helps to ensure that calling activities are productive. The leads generated through these solutions ensure sales staff members are able to make sales and not spend time hunting for leads. All leads, sales and marketing efforts are easily managed through telemarketing software where agents and managers alike can view activities in real-time and make necessary changes to improve performance.

Ultimately, the key to success in telemarketing is to bring back the human element. We really do want offers from companies we like, especially if we already do business with them. The key is we want to interact with real people, not a recording sent to our live line. Even in this age of technology, people still buy from people. 

Telemarketing software enables companies to incorporate the human element and make each and every person on the other end of the line feel like the most important customer. There is very little in the world of sales more effective at building customer loyalty.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein