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Flexibility is Necessity in Telemarketing Software, Executive Reveals

December 19, 2012
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

Telemarketing software is leveraged by industries such as finance, mortgage, call centers, manufacturing and telecommunications in order to optimize the amount of leads that can be obtained in the most efficient manner. Some of the major benefits of this offering are the fact that is it hosted via the cloud which makes it much cheaper due to the fact that there is no additional requirement for hardware for it to be up and running and it powers much higher conversion rates.

However, what role does scalability play within telemarketing software and how important is it to the overall efficiency of the product? According to Primetime Telemarketing Executives Helen Nelson and Michelle Hancock, who power a fully customizable service according to individual client demands, it is key to productivity as well as the overall successfulness of a firm.

Nelson said in a recent article, “Flexibility really sums us up and that’s really important in the current economic climate.” Adding onto Nelson’s statement, in a time in history in which the economy is still struggling but improving at the pace equivalent to a tortoise or at least that’s how it feels, companies are being required to do more with less. Thus, any tool that can be utilized to convert leads into actual sales is vital nowadays.

VanillaSoft is a Texas-based telemarketing software provider that touts its suite as being simple to use but yields big results. The company truly grasps the concept that businesses need their technology, processes and people to work together seamlessly in order to drive sales.

In a blog post, David Hood, VanillaSoft’s chief blogger as well as president and CEO stated, “As a technology company we are obviously a big fan of using technology to increase the quality and productivity of interactions with prospects and customers.”

The platform even boasts a real-time management dashboard that keeps everyone in the know and on the same page. Requiring only a Web browser, this extremely robust solution can be accessed from anywhere no matter the time, and powers key calling and campaign information alike.

“At VanillaSoft, we have always been very focused on what we do and who we do it for. Our solution is designed to drive productivity as much as we believe is possible in inside sales and outbound calling activity while still maintaining a high quality contact. We do this by offering advanced next-best-lead routing combined with progressive dialing that greatly increases the number of calls made while still ensuring a higher quality, more personalized call,” Hood added.

In conclusion, attaining a lot of leads is great but if these contacts aren’t reached out to in a timely manner the consumer will likely take their business elsewhere. Yet, with access to telemarketing software you can rest assured that your customer base will continue to widen not diminish or even remain stagnant.

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli