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Telemarketing Software Ramps Up Sales for the Holidays

December 27, 2012
By Michelle Amodio - Telemarketing Software Contributor

There’s a lot of talk about software in the call center, mainly how it has provided agents and managers with the technological advantages that the 21st century has to offer and has made it significantly easier for customer relationship management. When it comes to telemarketing specifically, software allows companies to be more efficient when calling prospective clients and leads. The right telemarketing software can be a useful tool to maximize sales, especially around this time of year when the holidays offer the perfect time to ramp up sales.

Telemarketing, like any form of marketing, has to deal with the ever-shrinking attention span of consumers. As such, marketers need to reinforce the urgency of the season on customers. How marketers reach the customers makes a difference. It all comes down to the software they’re using to extend holiday deals to potential buyers.

VanillaSoft, a major provider of telemarketing software, offers a bevy of features within its solution to help sales people and marketers be successful at doing what they do best – selling a product. Features include automatic lead distribution, logical branch scripting, auto dialing, next-best-lead routing, intelligent call recording, integrated e-mail follow-up, real-time activity dashboards and Web reporting.

The phone-centric software brings automatic routing for next best call and templated e-mails, all complete with a desktop that eliminates distractions so that nothing gets in the way of what telemarketers set out to do: sell.

When it comes to comparing telemarketing software solutions, businesses need to know that quality should be prioritized over quantity. A reliable telemarketing software solution must be able to help the company with lead generation through features and services that help the company land the right type of customer instead of just dialing a random number for the agent. This is why VanillaSoft’s routing features makes it stand out from competitive offerings; less time is spent digging, searching and hunting for a qualified lead. The software does the work for you, which will yield a higher sale rate which is crucial for the most wonderful time of the year.

Of course, much of the attention during the holiday season is spent on Christmas. However, just six days later and it's a new year, a quick turnaround. That's why it's important to always keep the next year in the back of your head when marketing. Taking the time to talk to the consumer about goals, objectives, new products and strategies you plan to implement for 2013 will further inform and educate them, making prospective customers more primed and ready to purchase.

What telemarketing software solution are you using as this season comes to a close?

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Edited by Jamie Epstein