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Telemarketing Software Space Proved to be a Thriller, No Not Michael Jackson, in 2012

January 03, 2013
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

As we just closed the doors on 2012 and opened the window to 2013, the New Year is filled with excitement especially when looking at the telemarketing software space. VanillaSoft, a company that has been actively involved in this growing vertical since 2003, believes in its offering so much so that it even guarantees customers that their leads will no longer sit in someone’s inbox and instead will be routed within seconds to the ideal person who can then hopefully close the first of many sales to come.

Looking back at the recently concluded 12-month period known as last year, Kevin Thornton, executive vice president, Sales and Marketing, VanillaSoft stated, “2012 was an exciting year for VanillaSoft on all fronts. Major new releases provided exciting functionality in integrating e-mail follow-up with calling campaigns, enhanced information gathering capabilities, and much more. VanillaSoft also greatly expanded its global market reach through a new partnership with Lifeboat Distribution.”

While customers remained on the lookout for increased productivity and functionality while maintaining the ease of use of their telemarketing software product, this certainly poses a constant challenge and 2012 was no exception.

“We also finally saw an acceptance of VoIP as a telecom choice which required the formation of new partnerships. Also, a number of trends continued to accelerate including the proliferation of mobile devices as well as a greater use of social media in sales. The increasing popularity of video conferencing and screen sharing technologies is also increasing the number of sales that can be made at a distance. This combined with ever-rising gas prices and travel costs is leading many companies to bring more of the sales function in-house through the use of inside sales teams,” Thornton added.

Over the past year, the telemarketing software vertical made a change for the better as telemarketing was often associated with cold calling and large call volumes, where telemarketers burned through leads. However, this is now changing as the cost of driving qualified leads increases.

He concluded, “Because companies are increasingly looking to drive calling productivity while maintaining a high quality call, this is accentuated by the fact that many companies are looking to bring in their outside sales group and use technology to leverage the phone better – lead management solutions, video conferencing and Web presentations. As these technologies are adopted at a higher rate – along with VoIP that drives down telecom costs - telemarketing or inside sales is being carried out by an ever-growing number of companies across all industries and vertical markets.”

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Edited by Amanda Ciccatelli