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Telemarketing Improved Significantly with Software, Multilingual Support

January 07, 2013
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

Although it sometimes gets a bad wrap for being used incorrectly by certain companies and individuals, telemarketing is actually crucial to businesses looking to expand into new industries as well as grow their customer base. Those that are seeing success typically attribute it to two key factors: telemarketing software and multilingual support.

Software developed from the ground up to meet specific demands faced by those in the telemarketing space traditionally encompasses capabilities that range from cloud-based lead management, little to no IT requirements, increased visibility into every action within an organization and high conversion rates all the way to team-based selling, automatic real-time lead distribution and intelligent call recording. While all of these functions are great, they probably won’t help to attract a customer that doesn’t speak the same language as the agent attempting to contact them.

“Basically, the main purpose of hiring multilingual call centers for telemarketing services is to aid the business to have the largest client base possible in any part of the world, especially those who belong to the first world countries. For instance, an American telemarketer would call to clients from Spain because this agent knows how to speak Spanish; just try to figure out the endless possibilities of business growth when one would engage in telemarketing agencies that provide multilingual support,” a recent report stated.

As diverse cultures continue to increase in popularity all over the place, multilingual support is something companies these days need in order to remain competitive. While there are many businesses deeply rooted in the telemarketing software space, none compare to VanillaSoft.

Leah Mirone, Lincoln Mortgage commented, "VanillaSoft is amazing! This software provided an immediate increase in production by allowing us to better service our customers while optimizing the effectiveness of our sales staff. My team loves VanillaSoft because it's fast and easy and it frees up more time to spend on revenue-generating activity."

As a go-to tool for inside sales teams and any other groups that complete a large amount of outbound calls, it is vital that this product continues to enhance the overall customer experience while simultaneously catering to those who speak a different native language than the firm. Virtually every industry needs to be able to resolve questions, complaints and issues in a timely manner including finance, mortgage, call centers, manufacturing and telecommunications and this wouldn’t be possible without an intuitive telemarketing software offering in place.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo