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Telemarketing Software Receives a Push in the Right Direction from Drishti Soft

January 15, 2013
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

While software can be leveraged by the smallest sized firm all the way up to Fortune 100 customers to drive results seen when powering telemarketing, it is vital to the future success of an organization to remain mindful and up-to-date on all regulations surrounding the telecommunications vertical. With this ever-changing space continuously expanding with the goal of protecting consumers at a higher level, a recently unveiled tool from Drishti Soft is being touted as allowing telemarketing companies to easily filter out DND/DNC numbers right away.

Sachin Bhati, VP Business Development of Drishti Soft, said in a statement that its is "a Web interface for telemarketing companies to easily manage TRAI regulations related to UCC, with added features."

He added, "This is an important step toward DNC/DND compliance with TRAI. The solution would help telemarketing companies from being blacklisted.''

When conducting telemarketing campaigns and delivering messages to a large amount of people in a very small window of time, consumers who have signed the Do Not Call Registry can sometimes be contacted by accident. This in turn forces the offending business to shell out a hefty chunk of change that goes toward paying for fines as well as possibly tarnishing a brand overall. But with the new offering’s API feature, it eliminates the requirement for manually entering numbers while simultaneously removing numbers that shouldn’t be on the list to begin with.

While telemarketers can sometimes encounter various challenges that come with the territory and relate to DNC numbers, according to company officials “the new service can help reduce nuisance calls to the subscribers since the telemarketing lists are filtered of registered DND numbers, thus indirectly helping consumers too.”

VanillaSoft powers its very own telemarketing software solution that among other capabilities such as the ability to be up and running in hours without any additional software needed, ramping up productivity by nearly 50 percent, enhanced lead tracking and real-time business intelligence, encompasses an automatic compliance functionality with calling periods and 100 percent do not call list protection. This helps organizations to rest assured that they are adhering to strict mandates all still reaching a large customer base and promoting their product or solution.

Described as the No. 1 software for completing sales by phone, packages start at $25 a month, which is ideal for one to five users working together on one project, to $65 a month, which contains all of the features you can imagine for the price you can actually afford.

To find out how you can leverage VanillaSoft’s telemarketing software to transition leads to actual closed sales, click here now.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey