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Telemarketing Software: Old-Fashioned Outbound Marketing Still Gets the Warmest Leads

January 25, 2013
By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Telemarketing Software Contributor

The telemarketing software industry is a competitive landscape these days. Ask any company that has purchased enterprise software, and they’ll tell you how many companies and proposals they slogged through before they found the right one. On the flip side, the competitive nature of software means that companies have to fight ever harder to have their voices heard above the crowd. Software doesn’t sell itself, so most companies are faced with the prospect of generating leads.

While most people might imagine that today’s software magically sell themselves, or that companies are capable of conducting high-tech marketing campaigns entirely via interactive social media and “buzz generation,” the truth is that the most successful companies are still using some fairly old-fashioned methods to bring warm leads onto the desks of their sales teams. Trolling social media for leads has its place, but the tried-and-true methods should never be abandoned.

In some cases, this may involve a concept that many people find a bit old-fashioned today: telemarketing. Software companies are stirring it into the mix that is their best strategy for selling more software, according to a recent article by Max Stinson of Kick Start Sales Force.

“Good marketing will help a firm stand out from its competition,” writes Stinson. “A good lead generation campaign will help a firm attract new clients for its software products and services. Figures speak for itself that there are thousands of companies hunting for quality business intelligence software leads, HR software leads, cloud computing leads, SAP (News - Alert) leads, Oracle leads, medical software leads and others. Implementing a marketing program that is on time and on budget can help save firms from sinking under the competition.”

While many companies use lead generation software that helps guide them through the process, it will never be a substitute for an old-fashioned blood, sweat and tears outbound marketing effort.

So what is the ideal mix? While it may vary depending on your business and your target customers, it’s usually a combination of the following:

Effective e-mail marketing. Carefully crafted and targeted e-mails can work well for lead generation for both B2C and B2B campaigns, depending on the type of software you are selling. It’s critical to get the message right as well as the frequency: you don’t want to annoy your prospects and have them ask to be removed from your e-mail list.

B2B telemarketing. It may be an old concept, but it still works, particularly in a business-to-business environment. Outbound telemarketing is a skill that a select few people have. Find a few of those people and you can build a self-starting warm lead generation powerhouse.

Direct mail marketing. Although more expensive than with e-mail, direct mail marketing is one good way to assure the visibility of messages to a software company’s prospects, writes Stinson.

As competition increases – and it will – telemarketing software companies like VanillaSoft will need to become ever more crafty in the way they generate warm leads for outside sales teams to follow up. Without leads, rather high quality leads, a company might as well fold up shop today. Thus, to keep a pipeline full, first you have to find prospects to put into it.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein