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Sales Processes Must be User Friendly and as Simple as Possible

January 30, 2013
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

VanillaSoft is touted as selling the number one telemarketing software that cannot only drive phone sales, but has several plans that have been designed from the ground up to fit individual business needs. While VanillaSoft Lite starts at $25 per user/ month, VanillaSoft Lite Plus goes for $40 per user/month and VanillaSoft Pro is only $65 per user/month. The product comes complete with lead management and CRM tools that seamlessly integrate in order to create a solution that can transition leads into closed sales more efficiently than ever before.

Recently, David Hood, president and CEO of VanillaSoft, penned a blog series that highlighted a major challenge that is currently been seen in the space: creating a much too intricate and involved sales strategy from the very beginning. 

According to Hood, “These managers often have a fairly complex sales process in mind. They have flow charts, complex routing rules, and elaborate scripts that they wish to implement. They will spend hours discussing the pros and cons of a particular phrase. They will endlessly debate whether it is better to call back contacts once a day or twice a day, and will spend weeks creating mock reports that they feel will give them real insight into their process. And they will often do all of this at the expense of actually starting to make calls and see what the reaction of prospects is.”

While planning is truly an essential element of any business campaign looking to ramp up revenue and simultaneously expand its customer base, a plan of action put in place that is too complex can cause teams to then have to go back to the drawing board in order to fix their mistakes right away.

“I do not believe that you know what the perfect process is before you have even made your first call. Trying to guess everything ahead of time often simply delays the process of trial and error that is really needed to fine-tune the process, and can often lead to great frustration for both the managers and the salespeople,” he added.

So, what advice can this expert give us telemarketing software novices? 

First, sales divisions of firms are recommended to take a closer look at how software development methodologies have changed over time. One of these original methodologies was coined the Waterfall method and was made up of multiple phases, including requirement, design, implementation, testing, etc. Salespeople attempting to navigate through this checklist were only permitted to enter the next sector after completing the one before it. Yet, as things changed within organizations in addition to the sales vertical, constant feedback loops were seen as key to each part of this invaluable process.

Hood said, “The latest buzzword in software development – I can’t count the number of conferences we have been invited to in the last few months – is agile development. This is another iterative-based development model but which encourages a more people-centric viewpoint using feedback, rather than planning, as the primary control mechanism.”

Ultimately, sales cannot be successfully completed without ongoing feedback being provided to the person attempting to grow its clientele list. It is the easiest way to see what is working and what areas need some dramatic improvements. Luckily, that is exactly where VanillaSoft comes in, because it can quickly organize vital feedback that is then leveraged to make tweaks to the overall sales process in real-time.

Boasting capabilities including tracking every lead from inception to close of sale, doubling your number of calls, powering higher conversion rates, eliminating dropped leads, and offering a much higher level of visibility into all activity and results pertaining to sales, it is easy to see why so many firms are now considering this telemarketing software essential to operations.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo