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Telemarketing Software Provider VanillaSoft Forms Strategic Alliance with AA-ISP

February 04, 2013
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

VanillaSoft helps firms to drive productivity by a staggering 30 to 100 percent compared to traditional CRM, and enables them to see a much higher return on investment (ROI). The firm is known for its intuitive telemarketing software, enabling individuals and sales divisions in companies around the globe to store their data and report on it just like they would with ordinary customer relationship management (CRM) offerings.

Recently, the telemarketing software provider joined with the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), and is now a Silver Sponsor of the Inside Sales 2013 Getting Social conference to be held in Phoenix, Ariz. on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 at the Radisson Fort McDowell Resort & Casino.

The event, coined Inside Sales 2013, enables sales professionals to come to one location in which they can discuss and learn about new technology and what’s to come in the telemarketing software space in the near future.

In addition, participants are encouraged to collaborate on future projects, network with industry leaders and even form new relationships throughout the expo.  

The not-to-miss event will be highlighting the fact that “social selling” has rapidly become an essential element to any company. As the use of social media will only continue to increase, now is the time for firms to begin to leverage this communication channel to see multiple advantages or risk being left in the dust by competitors. 

It is only conference at this time that teaches those involved in inside sales about the importance of social media and will be touching on topics such as: best practices when turning to social media, how to get started using these robust platforms, the way in which to train a workforce to use social selling in order to see the most benefits in the shortest amount of time, various social media-related activities, and lastly, how to improve a firm’s overall social media presence.

Kevin Thornton, executive vice president of Sales and Marketing with VanillaSoft, said in a statement, "Since its inception, social media has had a far-reaching impact on Sales & Marketing. Forward-thinking companies will continue to embrace social media not only as a marketing and PR platform, but as a valuable sales tool, too. The amount of prospect data at your fingertips and the touch points to interact with your prospects can seem daunting. We are excited to participate in this social selling conference to support social media literacy among inside sales professionals.”

Over 20 sales specialists will be present for these enlightening panel discussions that dive deep into the future of social selling. Guest Speaker Antarctic Mike will surely leave attendees with a lasting impression through the inspirational message he’ll be delivering during the session.

Larry Reeves, COO at AA-ISP, added, "AA-ISP is delighted to welcome VanillaSoft as a Silver sponsor of the 2013 Inside Sales Expo in Phoenix. VanillaSoft recognizes the growing importance that social media will play in arming inside sales professionals with key prospect insights. We are pleased to welcome an industry leading technology partner like VanillaSoft as an exhibiting sponsor at this year’s conference.”

Edited by Braden Becker