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Not All Telemarketing Software Providers Can Stay Afloat

February 21, 2013
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

In a still-rebounding economy, some companies are finally being forced to close the doors on their struggling organizations forever while others are still taking measures that will hopefully help them to avoid this final and fateful step. Within the telemarketing space specifically, recently Aspect (News - Alert) Software was forced to lay off 75 employees within several of its facilities, including 14 unlucky workers within its Chelmsford, Mass. location.

According to a representative from the company, Tim Dryer, “It wasn’t like we got rid of one section,” he said. “It was moving some positions into other parts of the business.”

One of the major factors leading to the firings is touted as being a complete transformation in business operations overall with the telemarketing software provider putting a much heavier emphasis upon its R&D development.  

Readjusting business priorities as customer and enterprise needs change is key to the expansion of all businesses but especially for those telemarketing software firms out there. When looking at VanillaSoft, a major telemarketing software organization, it is always adding new features to its suite. The company’s goal is to offer its customer base a higher level of flexibility and functionality that its competitors simply cannot match. Its robust platform encompasses key capabilities such as: appointment setting, automatic real-time lead distribution, real-time management dashboard, intelligent call recording, teams-based selling, logical branch scripting and on-board messaging and two distinct options for auto dialing.

Already leveraged by an abundance of industries including finance, mortgage, call centers, resorts, telecommunications and of course telemarketing, the software is touted as being the ideal tool for inside sales teams looking to ramp up productivity and close sales in a shorter period of time. In fact, productivity can be improved by nearly 30 to 100 percent when compared to traditional CRM products.

Only a few months ago, VanillaSoft was highlighted as the winner of the CUSTOMER 2012 Product of the Year Award winner in the Lead Management category. At the time of the being presented with this recognition, David Hood, VanillaSoft president & CEO, commented, “We are proud to receive the TMC (News - Alert) CUSTOMER Magazine 2012 Product of the Year Award. While 2012 was a year of fantastic sales growth, it was also a year of profound change with the passing of our founder, Ken Murray (News - Alert). As we celebrate receiving the Product of the Year Award, we will be reflecting on Ken’s legacy and his leadership that helped us to achieve this level of excellence.”

Edited by Rachel Ramsey