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Telemarketing Software and the Importance of E-mail

March 05, 2013
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

Telemarketing software can help a company extend the reach of its brand through communicating with a diverse group of both prospective and current clients alike. Touted as increasing conversion rates, doubling your number of calls and offering visibility into agent’s activities and their overall results, this type of platform is no longer looked upon as an option by a business looking to exceed, but rather a necessity.

A crucial element of successful telemarketing is using a variety of communication channels to keep in constant touch with a customer base, whether it is through instant messaging, video conferencing, SMS text messages or E-mail.

A recent blog post on the VanillaSoft website revealed, “You can increase your deliverability by sending e-mails using your own e-mail server. This feature is helpful because it is less likely that the E-mail you are sending will be considered junk mail by the receiving e-mail system. Some of the more strict E-mail servers will mark e-mails as spam unless they are sent from the proper domain. The setup process is easy. You can set it up to come from one e-mail address or it can be setup to come from individual E-mail addresses — those of your agents.”

Beginning to utilize your own server is extremely simple. If all of your messages are sent from one address, you can quickly enable the feature by going to the My Account page and clicking on the E-mail Server link. But if a user wishes to send their E-mail via their own personal address, then each account must be setup individually. To accomplish this, go to the Users tab, select the user’s account, and then click on My User’s Account. The SMTP information also must be filled out completely, which includes the host of your mail server and your username and password. Identifying which port the outgoing E-mail uses is also key in addition to checking the Use SSL box if required. When done, just tap the Save and Validate Configuration option to ensure the changes are made.

In turn, the status will now appear as Active and will automatically start to send E-mails using the chosen server. Users can now create E-mail templates that can be sent through the Web with a click of the mouse.

E-mail has proven time and time again to be an extremely cost-effective and efficient way to drive customer loyalty and satisfaction rates. Responding to a message via E-mail can take less than a minute, a small time period in which a business in distress is heavily relying upon you or help. When you seamlessly integrate technology, processes and people, the end result could be better than you even imagined. 

Edited by Ashley Caputo