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Drive Sales While Reducing Your Frustration Level with Telemarketing Software

March 06, 2013
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

Sometimes telemarketing can get a bad rap, and while this is primarily due to consumers being called too much or during inconvenient times, like right when they sit down for dinner with their family, there are actually several benefits companies are seeing when leveraging this communication channel.

Here are three of the most prominent, yet overlooked, reasons your firm should being leveraging telemarketing software now:

1.        Drive brand loyalty

For an organization just starting out or wishing to break into new areas, telemarketing is essential. While generating leads is the first step in any telemarketing strategy, following up on those leads in a timely fashion is just as much a necessity to close deals. If a customer has a bad experience partnering with you the first time around, it is likely they won’t be returning, so be sure that you are doing everything you can to keep their satisfaction level high. It is key to resolve problems or complaints or answer questions in a very short period of time.

2.       Rich data

If you don’t know where you’ve been, how can you tell where you’re going? With increased visibility into targeted audiences as well as the intended space in which a product or solution will be sold, the overall telemarketing operation can be significantly improved and help with future sales and marketing communications, Michelle Palmer told the Marketing Profs website back in 2008 and the same rings true today.

Palmer adds, “For example, you can generate data of a prospect's usage of competitive products or services. The callers can simply ask whether they use a competing product/service—whether they are under contract, have their own internal resources, will have a need in six months, etc. Eventually, you can segment your database and target specific campaigns to specific situations for greater impact. You can also arm your callers with a few (no more than two or three) key market research questions that you would like to have answered. As they log the answers, you're generating your own primary research. It's not scientifically conclusive, but it's valuable feedback nonetheless.”

3.       Efficiency is Improved Dramatically

Not only efficiency, but also productivity can be enhanced as well when implementing telemarketing software. Looking at the VanillaSoft offering specifically, it encompasses functions such as real-time lead distribution that enable organizations to increase call volume by 20 percent, select between a variety of default routing orders, distribute leads to the ideally suited agent with the most expertise in the given area, and view actual calling queues without delay.

To eliminate the possibility of overlooking a lead as it slips through the cracks, while also seeing a much better return on investment and overall streamlined phone operations, companies must begin to utilize a robust telemarketing platform.

Edited by Ashley Caputo