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How Telemarketing Software Can Help Win the Political Race

March 12, 2013
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

The telemarketing call used to come at dinnertime, interrupting the family meal to suggest the homeowner may enjoy the latest magazine subscription or long distance service. The method was highly effective, although consumers quickly tired of the evening calls and the Do Not Call list was initiated. Fortunately, the political industry was not off limits and telemarketing software found significant demand as parties sought new ways to reach voters and encourage action. 

A recent Campaigns and Elections Magazine post explored the tremendous phenomenon that emerges every election cycle. In 2012, telemarketing software played a vital role as fundraising became more important than ever before. Federal funds were declined on both sides of the aisle as Republicans and Democrats set out to secure private support. Political fundraising is a whole new game as Super PACs and joint fundraising committees (JFCs) gain significance in the race. 

In fact, every four years, these political parties build nothing short of highly competitive organizations worth millions of dollars. These organizations must promote their initiatives, communicate their messages and inspire action. Many of them are using powerful telemarketing strategies to accomplish these goals and win races. 

Telemarketing is not the only tool in the arsenal for either side, however. Instead, it is part of a comprehensive marketing strategy that leverages key channels for engagement. For instance, a large event that gets national fanfare, endless online commentaries and loud media attention can play an important part in overall telemarketing efforts. The momentum generated by such events is the perfect drive to launch the calling campaign, contacting the individual who is already paying attention to the activity. 

An online event with the right promotional strategy in place can also drive the generation of new leads for political prospectors. Those interested in the platform of a particular candidate may capture information online. The follow-up call can then generate a vote, financial support or even additional leads. When this information is tracked using telemarketing software, the campaign not only measures its success, it builds a powerful database for future use. 

As private fundraising efforts continue to play an important role in the support of political campaigns, marketing strategies must include the use of telemarketing and telemarketing software. Making the call is not enough; campaign efforts must include tracking the call, measuring the effectiveness of the call; and mining important information from the interaction. This process is an effective and efficient way to promote a campaign and more effectively reach the target audience. 

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Edited by Jamie Epstein