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3CLogic Now Enabling Contact Centers to Take Advantage of InfusionSoft's Telemarketing Software

April 03, 2013
By Rajani Baburajan - Telemarketing Software Contributor

3CLogic (News - Alert), a provider of cloud-based contact center solutions, has recently formed a partnership with telemarketing software company Infusionsoft in order to deliver solutions that will improve efficiency within contact centers.

Infusionsoft delivers all-in-one sales and marketing software that combines customer relationship management (CRM), marketing and e-commerce. The telemarketing software is ideally designed for small businesses. On the other hand, 3CLogic’s suite of cloud-based inbound and outbound customer interaction channels such as voice, chat, and social media are now seamlessly integrated with its existing CRM software. 

The combination of Infusionsoft’s telemarketing software and 3CLogic’s cloud-based contact center will provide customer service reps with a 360 degree view of all interactions taking place with a large amount of clients. The solution also delivers state-of-the art call center capabilities via the cloud.

Moreover, the joint solution provides businesses with a more accurate and timely information about their prospect or customers. This allows them to much more rapidly respond to questions and complaints, ensuring complete customer satisfaction due to improved service.

The integration of 3CLogic’s contact center capabilities with Infusionsoft Marketplace will help customers become more successful by saving time so they can focus on other crucial business areas that need improvement.

In related news, 3CLogic expanded its partnership with LeadMaster CRM, a U.K-based sales and lead management firm. LeadMaster customers in the United Kingdom and Europe will see multiple benefits from this strategic alliance including being able to cut cots, boost productivity of employees and streamline operations overall.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein