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VanillaSoft's Telemarketing Software Delivers Countless Advantages to Organizations

April 08, 2013
By Steve Anderson - Contributing Telemarketing Software Writer

For decades, there has been a clear division between inside sales—the sales operations conducted inside a company's walls, commonly over phone lines or by dealing with individual customers as they arrive—and outside sales, the sales operatives that leave the company building to go out in pursuit of sales on customers' home turf. But VanillaSoft is out to change the way companies look at sales by trying to bring more of the outside in with the help of its telemarketing software based in the cloud.

VanillaSoft's product line looks to streamline the operation somewhat, and make it less expensive for companies to manage sales operations by taking advantage of the increasing numbers of technology afoot to better control leads. Taking CRM to another level, the VanillaSoft system can be reportedly learned in just 15 minutes of training, and has little in the way of IT requirements. Once the telemarketing software is in place, it can be set to a variety of tasks, including appointment setting and cold calling, as well as phone selling and lead prospecting.

Several different industries have used the VanillaSoft system, including insurance firms and hospitality industry firms, proving that it is sufficiently versatile for just about any business to comfortably work with. The VanillaSoft system can be used to track the working of leads from the gathering process to the sales process, routing leads automatically to those better qualified to handle them. Appointment setting becomes more rapid, including analytics tools to improve the process and even a set of calendar tools designed to minimize conflicts and keep the schedule as efficient as possible.

There are distinct advantages to such an approach as minimizing the outside sales team can often yield reduced expenses and improved efficiency. Taking the travel time an outside sales rep requires in order to do his or her job and replacing it with sales time regularly produces benefit for the company. Travel time also comes with expenses—fuel, meals, potentially even costs involving overnight hotel stays—and removing those expenses commonly has a positive bottom line impact.

Of course, there's still something to be said for maintaining at least some outside sales operations; the impact of a face-to-face interaction has a value all its own that can seldom be quantified, but is often found as a reason for influencing decisions that have great value to a company. But even here, with competition increasing across most fields, the need to quantify the return on investment for any section of a company—even marketing—is becoming steadily more necessary.

Finding leads, following up on leads, and turning leads into sales is a good way to state the entire goal of a sales department. Whether that process is accomplished inside a company's walls or outside them, the point is to turn efforts into dollars by the process of direct sales. VanillaSoft's product line is out to make that process a lot smoother and less expensive, making it valuable to any company with a sales branch.