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The Ways in Which an Auto Dialer Enhances Telemarketing Campaigns

April 16, 2013
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

Telemarketing software is ideal in a variety of situations, including: appointment setting, cold calling, hot lead prospecting, multi-level sales teams and ramping up the selling of products and services by phone. Something you may be surprised to find out, though, is the important role an auto dialer plays within these types of intuitive platforms.

According to a recent article, “Automatic dial-up software is a very powerful tool; it will be a very long way to go to maximize your telemarketing sales efforts. This will help cut costs, and allow you to become more productive and efficient in your sales and marketing activities. It will also help you to reduce expenses and the telephone sales staff you will need to hire. Employing them is not enough, unless you give them the right tools to market their skills; it is very unlikely that they will stick with the organization.”

The VanillaSoft product actually encompasses two types of automatic dialing: preview or click to call, and progressive. When using the progressive dialing method as opposed to manually entering each number, customers have revealed that they have seen a nearly 30-percent increase in company-wide efficiency. 

Used in conjunction with the auto dialer feature, “next-best-call-routing utilizes the organization's business intelligence that has been derived from all calls attempted vs. calls attempted by an individual rep. The collection of all the data enhances the ability of management to determine the likelihood of a sale on a call by call basis. VanillaSoft can route calls that are more likely to have a positive outcome then those that are not. This ensures that the sales organization is focusing their best people on their best opportunities,” the company’s website revealed.

In addition, just as an important element of telemarketing software as an auto dialer is a customer relationship management (CRM) feature set. CRM ensures leads never get lost in the shuffle and contact is made almost immediately with prospects. Also, key customer-specific data automatically appears on an agent’s screen when an incoming call comes in, giving them the information needed to see exactly what is happening in regard to recent activity, and when it happened.  

Lucky for you, VanillaSoft powers this function as well via its easy-to-use real-time management dashboard. The site added, “VanillaSoft's commitment to anywhere, anytime and anyplace is evident in our on demand dashboard. Using a Web browser and the Internet, management can see that sales people are logged in and productive. Calling and campaign statistics are displayed in real-time and can be drilled down on for agent detail and summary.”

Now’s the time to take a closer look at how your firm can benefit from telemarketing software, allowing you to keep your competitive edge as well as your client base’s undivided attention.

Edited by Braden Becker