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Telemarketing Software and Why You Should Protect Your Inbound Leads

April 24, 2013
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Inbound leads – they are what every organization strives for as these are individuals who already have a business pain they need solved with the offered solution. These individuals have already searched online for more information and have been led to your company to solve their problem. 

Contrast the inbound leads with outbound efforts and you likely have sales professionals with years committed to sharpening their skills on identifying leads, pushing forward and closing new business. A significant proportion of those leads have evolved from outbound methods such as cold calling using telemarketing software and face-to-face meetings. 

When these sales people are furnished with inbound leads, are they producing the desired results? Are they able to hit the same sales targets or even better now that you’re eliminating a key step for them? If you’re like the examples featured in this blog, you’re likely making the mistake of handing inbound leads to software sales people. Let’s take a look at the damage that can ensue. 

First, the software sales person likely operates on the same processes as if they were still on the outbound strategy, trying to close the sale immediately. In such a case, the lead is likely to withdraw and put up the caution flags when dealing with your company in the future, if they choose to engage at all. This jumping the gun can quickly destroy any trust that was built. 

Second, the software sales person may opt to push the lead to create a meeting when the lead is really just at the marketing qualified stage. At that point, the lead should be assessed for what will benefit them. They should then be nurtured until they once again become a lead. Belief in your company’s ability to deliver on promises may be diminished at that point.

Finally, the software sales person may launch into a pitch right away, something the lead may not want. While the lead does want help, they don’t want to be sold to. They also only want help in the area in which they first engaged. Promoting the value of a new phone will mean nothing to the person who reached out with help on an app.

The key in handing off the lead is to give it to the one who can nurture the lead. A two-tiered approach is a good idea, allowing relationship builders the ability to interact directly with the leads until they are closed sales and ready for the more traditional approach. 

Telemarketing software provider, VanillaSoft is well-versed in the right approach to handle incoming leads and the management of outbound campaigns. The innovative tools the company offers are designed to meet the needs of the organization, based on the origin of the lead. By right fitting the strategy with the execution, you’re much better positioned for success.

Edited by Jamie Epstein