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Cloud-based Software Solutions Allow Sales Organizations to See if Telemarketing Works for Them

May 15, 2013
By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Telemarketing Software Contributor

Whatever your personal views on telemarketing and its related software are, it’s hard to deny that the method works when it comes to selling. (If it didn’t, nobody would engage in it anymore, and this is obviously not the case.) Will it work for your company? If you are a company that has sales leads, the answer is “yes.”

Many companies eschewed outbound telemarketing for a long time because they didn’t believe they did enough of it (or they didn’t believe it would help them), so they declined to splash out the investment on a dialer. In the days before cloud-based solutions, dialers were pricey pieces of equipment, and you couldn’t exactly return it if it wasn’t working for you.

But the stakes are no longer so high today. Hosted dialer solutions allow companies to engage in a bit of periodic outbound telemarketing to help a new campaign or initiative, or simply to try out telemarketing and see if it will work for their company.

Another benefit of today’s cloud-based telemarketing solutions, such as those from sales and lead solutions provider VanillaSoft, is that it’s easy to track outbound telemarketing campaigns and determine if, or how much, they are working for you. (This was not true in the days of premise-based dialers: calls were made into a black hole, and very few companies were ever able to successfully track the efforts of inside sales teams.)

To ensure a calling campaign’s success, companies should have the ability to measure progress at any point in the campaign’s life cycle. Hosted solutions provide companies with a real-time dashboard view of activity that allows managers to see at any instant, in real-time, where a sales team stands with their calls and success rate. Cloud-based solutions also provide customized reporting that allows executives or managers to see how a campaign is doing, or to share results with a sales team (or even to run contests between sales teams.) It’s critical to provide feedback to sales personnel so that they know how their hard work is paying off, or if their results are less than spectacular.

While outbound telemarketing may be new to your organization – or tried unsuccessfully in the past – it’s worth putting the right tools in place and giving it a go. You have nothing but sales leads to gain.

Edited by Jamie Epstein