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Can Telemarketing Software Lend More Value in the Sales Process?

June 03, 2013
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

While many of us have put our numbers on the National Do Not Call List to protect our dinner hour from pesky telemarketers, the reality is that telemarketing is still an important tool for connecting directly with the target audience. Whether it is generating leads, making connections or renewing subscriptions, telemarketing is still a key element in the marketing mix. As a result, the demand for telemarketing software continues to grow.

Telemarketing software plays an important role in assuring telemarketing is working toward the intended results. It helps to drive efficiency when turning leads into closed sales, and it allows the company to measure what is working and what isn’t when it comes to the overall sales process. After all, what potential customer doesn’t want to be contacted when they fill out a form for more information? And, if you’re really satisfied with a provider and they call you to ask about it, aren’t you more willing to answer a question or two?

An article recently publishedtakes a closer look at telemarketing software and how the process overall contributes to the success of the organization. Did you know that telemarketing is a powerful means to measure overall marketing success, whether it is actually contributing to that success or not? For example, you may have great traffic to your website, but are people are actually buying once they arrive?

The piece asks an important question – are the leads you want actually being generated by all that traffic? Comparing your Google (News - Alert) Analytics results to your actual lead counts is a great way to answer this question, but you can also gauge results in your telemarketing calls. If a contact fills out a Web form but doesn’t actually respond to your outreach, the lead is not actually a quality lead.

Are you allowing prospects to leave notes in a Web form? Do these notes match up with the information you capture in the telemarketing call? It may be better time spent just making the call and allowing the agent to capture the necessary information. This not only eliminates the need to mine that information, it also ensures its accuracy once the call has been completed. It also allows you to focus more of your resources on making those personal connections.

Telemarketing is an important step in the sales process, but it is not the only step. By integrating your practices with sound strategies and proven telemarketing software, such as the solutions provided by VanillaSoft, you’re better able to stay focused on the task at hand to achieve the desired results: increased revenue and profit.

Edited by Jamie Epstein