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Effective Sales Teams Begin with the Right Lead Management and Outbound Telemarketing Software

June 12, 2013
By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Telemarketing Software Contributor

If building a superior sales team were easy, everyone would have one. Since this is patently untrue, too many companies struggle to improve sales and keep their pipelines filled while dealing with heavy turnover, constant training and lost sales opportunities.

High quality organizations have high quality sales teams. In fact, according to a recent guest blog post on, it’s not uncommon for the quality of a company’s sales team to make or break its success.

“While other departments also play important roles in a company’s growth and long-term stability, the direct influences sales has on customers does make their responsibilities especially critical,” writes Craig Klein (News - Alert), CEO of “And since sales professionals with a proven track record understand the value they bring to the table, they want to work for a company that treats them with respect and provides motivating compensation.”

Motivating, training and rewarding a sales team is only part of the process. Companies that expect sales teams to excel also need to supply them with the right tools to do so. Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, sales management solutions, lead tracking and other technologies must be integrated, easy to use and effective in order to yield results.

The same goes for a company’s outbound sales solution. Sales personnel and outbound call center agents find the telephone is a vital tool – perhaps the most vital tool – for finding and qualifying leads and making sales, but too many companies leave them to themselves when it comes to outbound calling.

The truth of the matter is a sales person who dials his or her own phone numbers from a list will never be as effective as one who uses an outbound telemarketing solution. Auto dialing, preview and predictive dialing are proven to increase the efficiency of outbound sales efforts, allowing personnel to make many more contacts per hour than they would with a manual process.

Outbound telemarketing software is simply a better way to manage and use data in the selling process. Data is the life blood of any sales organization, and it’s to your sales efforts benefit to provide a solution that can help keep your leads in motion until they result in a sale.

Outbound telemarketing solutions such as those from VanillaSoft offer automated routing so leads can’t be lost or ignored. Solutions such as these can track and report on the status of the lead: each time a lead is worked, the software will record who worked it and when, and what the results were. This, coupled with dynamic Web reporting, allows leads to be grouped and reported on by a host of fields including source, date, user and results.

It’s a way to attain more accountability out of sales teams, and also a way for sales or call center personnel to ensure that no leads are dropped while at the same time boosting their productivity.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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