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Telemarketing Software Isn't the Only Way to Drive Leads

June 13, 2013
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

In spite of the fact that telemarketing software can speed up the sales process within any business, make faster and more efficient calls, better manage every lead and, in addition, optimize the time your organization spends building a loyal customer base, did you know that there are actually other ways to raise the bar on the amount of potential leads that are turned into closed sales?

A recent blog post outlined some pretty interesting strategies that can help you to grow your customer base in a short period of time. They include: taking a holistic approach to hiring, checking references and even simply assuming your worker will succeed in their assigned tasks.

Taking a closer look into why a holistic approach to hiring should be taken, while many executives base who they hire upon how well an interview goes, this doesn’t pan out in terms of selecting the ideal individual for the job.

According to the blog, “The problem with using that approach for sales professionals is even those who aren’t that great at their job still know how to make an excellent impression. As a result, it’s crucial to take other factors into consideration. In addition to analyzing the past numbers they’ve done, you also want to really dig deep into issues like whether or not candidates will be the right fit for your company’s culture.”

Next, ensuring that references are, in fact, real is crucial to ensuring the sales professional you onboard will mesh with your business’s underlying goals. And while this may sound like a pretty obvious thing to do when looking to hire a new employee, it should be noted that HR departments don’t always do their due diligence within this area. Through talking with a prospective candidates’ past employers, there are many key things you will be made aware of – elements that could ultimately prompt you to pluck another person from the unemployed pool.

Last but not least, while I’m sure you’ve heard about what assuming can make out of you and me, you actually can bet that if you utilize a holistic hiring strategy and closely check each and every reference that a person provides you with, the new hire will excel in every aspect of their newly started career.

“While you don’t want to put things on cruise control, you also want to be ready for your salespeople to achieve the success you expect. That means that if they deliver impressive growth for your business, they need to be rewarded accordingly. Not only does this mean compensation, but it also includes providing the infrastructure they need to maintain their momentum and the positive feelings that go along with that type of performance,” the blog added.

Ensuring that the sales team you are developing is doing what needs to be done to drive a company’s bottom line is no easy task. However, if you remember the crucial steps that have been outlined above, as well as begin to leverage telemarketing software, you will have more than a fighting chance. Adding someone to your team should be done with care or you will risk forever tarnishing your brands reputation.

Edited by Blaise McNamee