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Key Tips in Addition to Telemarketing Software Can Ramp up Leads

June 19, 2013
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

No matter what space you inhabit, if you are selling a product, solution or service, seeing a high volume of leads continuously coming in is vital to your company’s bottom line. While you may already be aware of essential technological platforms such as telemarketing software that can drive efficiency when looking to make contact with a large groups of leads as quickly as possible, do you know about your other options?

Today we will explore six ways to stay ahead of changing marketing conditions and ultimately continue to improve revenue streams now and in the future.

1. Develop a channel

Customers these days want to be able to ask a question or resolve a complaint immediately. And when going through this process, these individuals seek to interact with your business through whatever communication channel they feel most comfortable using whether it is via e-mail, phone, social media or instant messaging. Hence, it has never been more crucial that your organization remains at the edge of the technology curve and is always enhancing its presence online than it is right now. An easy way to do that is to create a blog that is always updated, or even short and concise video tutorials that are easily accessible to the end-user and can let them know what your firm is about in mere minutes.

“This will also open a two-way communication channel between you and your customer. This is, however, not a silver bullet solution. It may take you months to build your identity online and you can do that only through posting valuable content,” a blog post on advises.

2. Analyze who your target audience is

If you aren’t certain where your leads are predominantly coming from, it can be extremely frustrating to figure out an efficient marketing strategy that will appeal to this group’s demands. Staying focused is important, but so is powering a clear message that demonstrates your value to the consumer and why they need to partner with you before it’s too late.

3. Videos, ‘shmideos’

Visual tools have long served the purpose of engaging a user base. Today this fact is still true and, lucky for you, there are now many websites that you can leverage for free to promote your brand, such as YouTube (News - Alert). Highlighted for being the third-most visited website throughout the world, this platform will almost guarantee increased attention is paid to whatever you’re trying to sell. The more interesting you make them, the better results you will see overall.

4. Twitter (News - Alert) lead generation cards

Something that was made available only recently is the option of advertising via social media mega site Twitter. The blog added, “Through this feature, customers will be able to express their interests on the discounts and deals offered by social-media advertisers. They will be able to expand the advertisement and directly express interest as well as send their contact information to the advertiser to receive the offer. The lead generation cards technique is compatible for all photos, videos and vine attachments.”

5. Sharing is caring

Once customers have a less than stellar customer experience, you can bet your bottom dollar they will tell everyone they know about it, and while in the past this may have been limited to their family members and closest friends, now it can mean countless people throughout the globe thanks to social networks. Yet, when a customer walks away from a scenario involving your company fully satisfied, they are just as willing to promote your firm to everyone they communicate with. Thus, sharing your content via social media should be strongly encouraged as it could attract the attention of a consumer who never knew the benefits they could see by buying your product specifically.

6. Safeguard the tarnishing of your brand by keeping a close eye on the Web

Like I discussed above, individuals these days won’t even consider t teaming with your organization for a second time if their first experience didn’t measure up to expectations. Instead, they will immediately go to their Facebook (News - Alert) page or Twitter handle to inform the public in regards to how they would be better off if they went to a competing provider. Be sure to keep a close eye on what is being said about your business via social media, something that can be done much easier and more efficiently when implementing a robust monitoring and analytical system.

Being successful in your respective industry these days, while it may take some more work than in previous years, can enable you to see doors open to opportunities that you never even imagined. Plus, telemarketing software can bring the productivity of your employees to a much more heightened level which is truly a win-win situation for every party involved.

Edited by Alisen Downey