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The Right Connection at the Right Time - Essential Benefit in Telemarketing Software

June 24, 2013
By Susan J. Campbell - Telemarketing Software Contributing Editor

Calling on the customer at the time they are ready to buy – it is every salesperson’s dream. If you can eliminate the steps leading up to that call, the cost of acquiring that new customer or simply the sale is much less. Profits soar, the customer gets what they want and everyone is happy.

If it were really that easy – salespeople wouldn’t be some of the highest paid professionals in the world.

When it comes to telemarketing, however, reaching the customer at the right time is often key. So many of these campaigns are designed to contact a customer after an expressed interest in a particular product or service, the lead is already hot when contact is made. If contact is delayed, however, the temperature decreases at a rapid pace and sales are easily missed.

A recent piece highlighted the challenges businesses face when they run out of opportunities to connect with new customers. Traditional resources are still in use, yet their ability to produce new opportunities is finite. One traditional option that continues to deliver is telemarketing.

Cold calling over the phone is enhanced with the use of telemarketing software. If the call doesn’t have to be cold – the chance of a positive outcome increases. The key here is to leverage telemarketing software so that the customer is called at the exact right time. A challenge already exists for the organization in that consumers don’t like to be sold over the phone if they don’t know the caller.

If the potential customer has already expressed an interest in the company or the offered products, however, the opportunity is enhanced. Therein lies the potential for increasing revenue – tying the calling efforts to other marketing campaigns. If the consumer has the opportunity to complete a form online, for instance, he or she should be contacted right away for follow-up. The longer time lapses between the form submission and the completion of the call, the colder the lead becomes.

Telemarketing software tied to the campaign ensures the lead is contacted at just the right time. It also tracks the success or failure of the contact and the call in case a follow-up is needed. It helps the calling organization to establish guidelines for effective calling strategies that drive results and not animosity among the target audience because they’ve been harassed by telemarketing agents.

Providers in this space such as VanillaSoft offer powerful solutions that are designed to deliver on sales revenue expectations while still protecting the relationship between the company and the potential or current customer. After all, a consumer expressing an interest in a product or service is the ideal target – as long as you can call them at the right time.

Edited by Jamie Epstein