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Drive Growth within Your Business with a Little Help from Marketing, Telemarketing Software

June 27, 2013
By Jamie Epstein - Telemarketing Software Web Editor

Businesses these days are constantly facing pressure to increase their revenue stream in order to see continuous growth. However, this major challenge can be easily overcome when leveraging key marketing elements and tools such as telemarketing software.

This article will discuss what is needed for an effective marketing strategy.

1. Items Your Marketing Plan Should Possess

While every business plan differs according to each company’s individual goals, certain things must be closely analyzed in order to guarantee success now and in the future. They include asking for referrals, creating and then releasing new products, raising prices on certain solutions and even having a salesperson in place that only gets paid when they close a sale.

2. Determining Your Glass Ceiling

Busting the door wide open to new opportunities is something that enables small to medium-sized organizations to enhance their footprint in new industries around the world. Yet, sometimes firms can get discouraged when it looks as if they have penetrated their target market as much as possible.

According to a recent blog post, “The most common difference between those who are merely employed and someone who creates their own income: entrepreneurs can find and connect with markets. More often than not, the glass ceiling to small business growth has nothing to do with marketing to make new sales. In fact, the issue is with the habits of the person who is running the business.”

3. Traits Crucial to a Next-Generation Entrepreneur

Forming the foundation of an organization can be a daunting task. The entrepreneur is the mastermind behind the lifeblood of the business, who must develop a marketing plan from the ground up to establish the brand as well as outline steps that will determine how it will essentially operate.

“With this kind of business plan, they can move into the execution stage. Once the business starts flowing in they already have the systems in place to delegate work within branches, such as sales and marketing, and can easily scale them as business grows. Eventually, the entrepreneur is focused on ensuring each piece of the machine is running smoothly while simultaneously spending a lot of time connecting with people who can help them to grow their business. Refine what is working, throw or pivot with what isn’t, and focus on the five-year goal,” the post added.

Additionally, telemarketing software can act as necessary component that will enable a company to thrive. The robust platform powered by VanillaSoft, for example, powers capabilities such as never again losing a lead, automatic dialing at a cost-effective price, a real-time management dashboard and template e-mails.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey