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Improved Efficiency from Telemarketing and Lead Management Software Makes it an Easy 'Sell' to Sales Teams

July 01, 2013
By Tracey E. Schelmetic - Telemarketing Software Contributor

While it’s the job of sales organizations to sell as much as possible, too many sales departments are still entrenched in their old ways. “Because we’ve always done it this way” is an excuse that managers have heard from the beginning of the history. Employees – particularly sales people – are often resistant to change, even when it might benefit them. 

It’s management’s job to “sell” new solutions to sales teams, but they don’t often do a good job, according to a recent blog post on authored by Craig Klein, CEO of CRM solutions provider SalesNexus (News - Alert).

“If you look at why new policies fail to take hold within organizations across a wide range of industries, the most common cause is because employees don’t feel compelled to stick with the change,” said Klein. “And that’s because the key individuals responsible for implementing the new policy don’t invest enough in literally selling it to everyone else within the organization. In order to avoid that pitfall, it’s important to find the most compelling feature or impact of the policy and clearly communicate it to your entire organization.”

While Klein is generally talking about customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, which many sales organizations have found to be a hard sell to sales teams (particularly in their first generation), other technologies under-utilized by sales team today are lead management and telemarketing.

Telemarketing, in essence, is what sales teams do, at least in part. While many sales have a face-to-face component, they usually start with the telephone and with effective lead management.

Telemarketing software specialist VanillaSoft puts it another way: “Data is the life blood of your organization.” An effective lead management solution is designed to keep leads in motion until they reach their final destination. It’s a process that simply doesn’t work well in manual form: even the best sales person in the world cannot keep track of all potential leads, ensuring that they receive the right follow-up.

Thanks to automated routing, leads can’t be lost or ignored. Effective lead management solutions are designed to track and report on the status of each lead. Each time a lead is worked, the solution records who worked it, when and what the outcome was. With dynamic Web reporting, all leads can be grouped and reported on by a host of fields such as; source, date, user, and results.

Robust solutions include automated dialer capabilities to help increase the pace of outbound calls and boost efficiency, real-time dashboards and reporting capabilities, automatic call routing and even call recording to preserve a record of all calls.

The benefits are robust enough to make it an easy “sell” for managers to even the most technology-resistant sales teams.

Edited by Jamie Epstein