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Telemarketing a Tried and True Method of Increasing Sales

July 19, 2013
By Michelle Amodio - Telemarketing Software Contributor

Telemarketing doesn’t live up to its negative reputation when it comes to measuring sales. While we’ve seen policies change in regard to lists and how and when telemarketers can call leads, it is still lauded as an effective method of hearing “yes” instead of “no”.

Telemarketing is generally considered cost-effective, requiring companies to spend far less than is necessary with many other forms of marketing. Typically, the most expensive part is paying the telemarketers for making and/or receiving phone calls.  

Believe it or not, it is considered as a step that leads toward building strong relationship with the customers. The primary advantage of call center telemarketing is that it leads to immediate answers. The conversation starts right away and it is easier for the sales person to explain the features of products and services right away. The customer can also get their queries solved immediately and this may result in instant sales.

Telemarketing involves two-way communications; this makes the relationship with the customers more personal and interactive. This also strengthens customer loyalty and improves the image of the brand name of the company.

Of course, telemarketing is only as strong as the solution that is employed by business managers. Telemarketing software has become the industry standard for call centers. By increasing agent productivity, streamlining lead management, and eliminating downtime, telemarketing software can double a company’s sales.

Solutions like VanillaSoft telemarketing software are designed to increase revenue. Managers can track every lead from beginning to end and see an increase in client outbound calls. VanillaSoft offers complete transparency of activity and results, leading to better campaigns and more effective and successful calls.

Telemarketing software gives managers all of the customer information that they need throughout the presale and customer support environment. With the right solution, call center phones and computers work together to provide cost-saving benefits and increased sales overall.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey