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Telemarketing Tips For Success

July 26, 2013
By Michelle Amodio - Telemarketing Software Contributor

When done right, first contacts to qualified prospects can mean a windfall in response when it comes to telemarketing. Despite its supposed demise, telemarketing is still a viable and profitable way to make business boom for many industries. Here are some tips to ensure each lead turns into a sale.

First, callers should decide on the goal of the call and run with it. If the call is to sell Acme Product XYZ, change the rules a bit and start with earning the trust of the recipient so that a second connection is possible. It’s better to see if the prospect is showing interest and then make an appointment rather than just try to sell from the get go. Obtaining that trust is priority one.

Asking questions is another successful tip when it comes to telemarketing sales. Questions, however, should be kept relevant, as they can help you figure out what your customer's needs are and what possible objections they might have to the sale. Questions should be centered on benefiting the customer, such as, “How much additional business could you potentially get with our marketing consulting services?”

Telemarketing sales professionals should spend a bit of time planning ahead. Each call should have a specific purpose, which is achievable; this will give your pitch clarity and avoid wasting time. Spend some time planning each call and your desired outcomes. Plan your call and know what you need to get out of it while allowing for changes to your pitch as you get more information from the prospect on their needs.

Of course, no telemarketing checklist is complete without talking about rejection. No successful businessperson or athlete ever achieved success without a bit of failure and without lots of practice. So, you have to work at it and keep going. Don’t take it personally. The person you are calling isn’t making a value judgment about you when they say ‘no’, merely expressing the fact that the product/service you are offering isn’t suitable for them at the moment.

Telemarketing can be a challenging job, but if these simple tips are implemented, you're sure to see an increase in sales.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey