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Three Things to Know About Data Before You Implement Telemarketing

August 02, 2013
By Rachel Ramsey - Content Director

When most consumers hear the word “telemarketing,” their first thoughts are probably along the lines of “annoying” or hanging up. It’s a big challenge to deliver an effective, successful telemarketing campaign, but when you do, it offers big benefits. A recent study found that telemarketing is among the most effective marketing strategies a company can implement – but only one-third of companies use it for lead generation. They turn to social media tools like LinkedIn (News - Alert), Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, which turn out to be some of the least effective marketing methods compared to executive events and e-newsletters.

Before you adopt telemarketing software and launch your campaign, there are at least three questions you need to make sure you can answer.

1. Where’s your data?

Data entry is important for telemarketing campaigns. Calling potential customers means you will gather massive amounts of data, so you need to make sure you know how it is being collected and where it is being stored.

2. How are you measuring data quality?

The hardest part of collecting so much data is sorting through it and finding the valuable information. Make sure you have a set process on how you will analyze the data and make sure you are collecting accurate, useful information.

3. What if management changes?

This could involve the data collecting process, the people handling the campaign or the skills needed changing. You don’t want to waste time training new employees or making employees spend more time entering data instead of analyzing it or using it. Make sure you can handle transitions smoothly.

With services like VanillaSoft telemarketing software, data is properly stored and analyzed in order to determine which calls will most likely lead to a sale. Calls can also easily be recorded in order to help train employees or make sure that the calls being sent out are quality and up to whatever standard you set.

It gives users the power to “slice and dice” data in order to maximize performance. It offers data selection tools like being able to build queries based on a combination of any VanillaSoft field including custom fields, call history data and script responses, using 15 different filters to build the perfect query, performing different actions on query results, including changes to calling queues, mass-update of fields, Adobe (News - Alert) mail-merge, export and mass e-mailing, and saving custom queries and editing them later as needed.

VanillaSoft also sets out to make sure data security is a top priority. Its hosting center is among the most advanced in the world, offering user authentication with unique usernames and passwords that are encrypted during transmission, databases are not directly available from the public Internet, data is stored on a world-class redundant storage SAN disks with backups every 15 minutes and 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, using both server authentication and data encryption.

Edited by Alisen Downey